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Venaison - David de Coninck (1636 - 1687)
Venaison - David de Coninck (1636 - 1687) - Tableaux et dessins Style Louis XIV Venaison - David de Coninck (1636 - 1687) - Riccardo Moneghini
Réf : 88914
Époque :
XVIIe siècle
Provenance :
Flandres, Anvers
Materiaux :
Huile sur toile
Dimensions :
L. 125 cm X l. 145 cm
Tableaux et dessins Tableaux XVIIe siècle - Venaison - David de Coninck (1636 - 1687) XVIIe siècle - Venaison - David de Coninck (1636 - 1687)
Riccardo Moneghini
Riccardo Moneghini

Tableaux et meubles anciens des 17e et 18e siécles

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Venaison - David de Coninck (1636 - 1687)

Oil painting on canvas with dimensions of 125 x 145 cm without frame and 145 x 165 cm with coeval frame depicting a game by the painter David De Coninck (Antwerp 1636 - 1687).

Splendid example of the production of Flemish still life; this painting constitutes an important acquisition from David de Coninck's catalog, depicting a dog, with ammunition in front of him, resting after a fruitful hunt consisting of numerous birds and a wild boar behind him.

A pupil of Jan Fyt in his hometown, De Coninck will keep a strong bond with the master throughout his career, especially in his production of animal rights subjects but also in the floral inserts of his compositions; it was then the common Flemish origin that prompted him, once in Rome, to frequent Abraham Brueghel (Antwerp 1631-Naples 1697) present in the city until 1675, and to take up the models, while transforming them with very personal variations.

In 1663 he was admitted to join the guild of San Luca in Antwerp as a ...

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... teacher. In 1670, stopping in Bavaria, Vienna and Venice, he reached Rome where he settled to live. In Rome in 1686 he became a member of the Academy, shortly before returning to Antwerp in 1687. In 1699 he then moved to Brussels and in 1701 he was admitted to the local guild as a teacher and then to Paris. His still lifes with fruits and game, his hunting scenes and animal paintings usually feature warm and full tones, and are oriented to the compositions of Jan Fyt, the great Flemish painter. It is not known when and how he died. He rarely signed his works, which are generally of high quality and similar in style to the works of Boel, Fyt and even Frans Snijders with whom he is often confused. This original signed work is also for this reason particularly precious and rare.

The main features of this painting are the smoothness of execution in this lively and rich composition and the vibrant pictorial touches that give life to a sublime and decidedly sparkling chromatism and chiaroscuro incidence.

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Riccardo Moneghini

Tableaux XVIIe siècle Louis XIV

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